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About Us

 Honey Creek Animal Hospital and Dr. Michael and Candice Staub would like to take this opportunity to welcome you, your family, and your special family member to our website.  As you continue to browse and explore our website, it is our hope that you will learn more about our dedication to your family and the quality veterinary medicine and service we provide.

Our goal here at Honey Creek Animal Hospital has always been to assemble a veterinary health care team committed to providing exceptional client service and veterinary health care.  Our medical team displays an unrivaled commitment to our clients through continuing education, technological advances in veterinary medicine and service, and most importantly, administering compassionate care to all pets entrusted to us.


Please come meet our staff... 


Dr. Michael E. Staub

Veterinarian, Owner of Honey Creek Animal Hospital

Dr. Staub is a 1988 graduate of University of Illinois.  In 1992 he purchased Honey Creek Animal Hospital and has been practicing quality, compassionate veterinary medicine ever since.  He enjoys the challenges of veterinary medicine and all the unique experiences it brings.  He enjoys the learning experience that daily practice brings. Recently quoted 

 "Veterinary medicine has made me a kinder, gentler person... not just with animals, but with people as well.  There are days that are truly frustrating, but just as many that are very humbling.  Animals are great teachers, the world could learn alot..."  

 He is married to Candice, whom he met at Honey Creek Animal Hopsital 25 years ago and they recently celebrated their 22nd anniversay.  They have 6 lovely children ranging in age from 25 to 9 and a houseful of furry friends of all kinds ranging from rescued slaughter bound horses to Pot Bellied Pigs. 

The Staubs are very invovled in rescue work.  While running thier own Great Dane and Mastiff rescue, they are also involved with other mutiple breed rescues across the Wabash Valley and the states of Indiana and Illinois. They are extremely invovled in advocating for an end to puppy mills and horse slaughter and advocating for stiffer penalties for dog fighting and abuse and neglect of all kinds.    




Candice Staub

Practice Manager

Candice has been invovled in veterinary medicine since 1982.  Working first at a practice near Planfield, IL, she then came back to her roots in Terre Haute and began her career at Honey Creek Animal Hospital.  "I would not know what else to do...'  Candice says  " This is all I have ever done since I graduated high school, animals are my life!'  Heavily involved in the rescue world Candice brings her high energy and compassion to the team.  Giving voice to those with none and working towards a kinder gentler world is her utimate goal.  


Linda Hall  

Office Manager

Linda hails from the great state of Tennesee and joined the Honey Creek Animal Hospital staff in 1998.  Linda is married and has 2 lovely little girls.  Linda brings her southern charm and caring nature to the team making all those around her comfortable.  Linda is responsible for the day to day operation of the staff of Honey Creek Animal Hospital and is a wonderful, caring team member.  Linda is also very active with the rescue effort put forth by the clinic.  She is one of the point team members for applications and information pertaining to our wonderful furry friends available for adoption. 





Greg Reilly

Lead Veterinary Assistant/Media Representative

Greg comes to Honey Creek Animal Hospital from the great state of Virginia.  After several years of compassionate care in Virginia, Greg joined our team in 1995.   Greg has been an integral memeber of our team for 16 years.  Working his way from the boarding portion of our facility to his own local television spot on WTHI TV channel 10, Greg's dedication to Honey Creek Animal Hospital and our clientele shines through each and every day.  Greg is married and has many rescued fur kids.  You can find Greg on FACEBOOK under Greg the Pet Guy.  Go visit and see his weekly television pet saver spot or just stop by to say hello. 


Maxine Daugherty  

Veterinary Assistant/Human Being Extroidinare

Maxine has been working in the vetrinary medical field since she was 19, that was over 55 years ago!!  Starting with Dr. Iverson C. Bell, Maxine has worked through many wet behind the ears team members.  She is the true pillar behind Honey Creek Animal Hospital.  Her calming demeanor, wonderful sense of humor and compassionate ways have groomed many throughout the years.  Maxine has several fur kids that grace her home.  Honey Creek Animal Hospital is very, very blessed to have Maxine as part of the team..  She is a true friend..  We love you Maxine!!!